An unmatched bench of industry marketing leaders

Our people are the secret sauce that makes Ficomm so invaluable to the clients we serve. Led by respected industry leaders who have done the hard work of growth marketing at wealth management companies like yours, Ficomm is built to come alongside you on your unique growth journey.

Ficommers are passionate, creative, problem-solving champions of the industry. We’re committed to transforming wealth management and help the best RIAs, asset managers and wealth management platforms grow. From NYC to Orange County–and many places in between–we bring trust, transparency, and authenticity to every client relationship.

Leadership Team


Camille Birk

Chief Operations Officer


Candice Carlton

Executive Vice President


Mary Kate Gulick

Chief Marketing Officer

Ficomm_Icons-Minimal_Checkmark100% female leadership team

Ficomm_Icons-Minimal_Checkmark200 years of collective industry experience

Ficomm_Icons-Minimal_Checkmark250+ clients served 


Where our team has worked

Strategy Experts


Carolyn Dalle-Molle

VP Advisor Accelerator

Jim Wardian Headshot

Jim Wardian

Martech & Digital Marketing Manager

Kelsey Woodbridge Headshot

Kelsey Woodbridge

VP Media Relations

Execution Specialists

Rachel Boshart

Creative Directior

Melissa Buffalohead

Creative Directior

Steven Buffalohead

Web Designer

Cindi Coulter

Graphic Designer

Ashley Dellosa

Social Media Strategist

Rachel Handley

Content Producer

Christine Kenney

Graphic Designer

Jess Koslow

Content Producer

Jane Lee

Creative Director

Lindsey Lee

Executive Assistant

Ben Micek

Motion Graphics Producer

Mathew Padilla

Senior Content Producer

Amanda Perry

Graphic Designer

Ilana Polyak

Content Producer

Vance Richardson

Content Producer

Steve Salerno

Senior Content Producer

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