Sales Tax and Refund Policy


FiComm Partners, LLC (“FiComm”) is a California business. Sales tax will be applied if you live in California or as otherwise required by law.


FiComm is able to offer refunds through Shopify, our third party vendor for processing payments. Please be aware of the following Shopify rules when seeking refunds for any FiComm product:

  • Refunds use the same payment method used to pay for the order. You may not issue a refund to a different credit card or bank account.
  • Refunds are issued in the same currency that the customer used to pay for the order.
  • If the currency for the refund needs to be converted for the refund, the currency rate used in the conversion is that of the currency rate at the time of the refund and not the currency rate at the time of the order. You are charged a currency conversion fee when the payment is converted, but not on the issued refund. Currency conversion fees and credit card fees are not returned to you when you issue a refund.
  • If you use a manual conversion rate, the refunds are calculated using the current currency rate.

Please click here to learn more information about Shopify’s refund policy.