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We are very excited to have the new site launched! Such a big difference from the old site - we have come a long way!

Jess Fornerelli, Director of Marketing 


It was an outstanding experience. And we have a high bar. No one has managed to impress us, and you did. Bravo!

Mindy Diamond, CEO

Diamond Consultants

I 10/10 recommend this team.

Jacqueline Martinez, Managing Partner

Alaris Acquisitions

One of my aspirations for the Blueprint for Growth was to get all of us, as strategic partners, working in a way that’s very different from a business point of view. A great AHA moment for me was that I thought it was aspirational, but it really happened.

Angela Osborne, COO


The marketing program and all of its components have been a smashing success.

Lynda Dupre, VP Strategic Initiatives


From a financial return, the money we spent with Ficomm to get it to the point where we actually had a podcast will probably be, you know, close to a thousand percent return on that in the first year. So that was great.

Allen Darby, CEO

Alaris Acquisitions