Kelsey Woodbridge

VP, New Skool Media

Hi, I’m Kelsey, Vice President of New Skool Media at FiComm Partners. Through my agency experience, I’ve had the opportunity to manage brand identity, messaging and positioning for a wide range of marquee clients in the financial space—from Barron’s Top 100 RIAs to $300B institutional asset managers to leading cryptocurrency research and educational providers. I’m passionate about measuring and analyzing media results to ensure they align with clients’ overall marketing goals. It’s hard to build a brand strategy without getting to the root of what is and isn’t working. Transparency is key to moving the needle and achieving not just results, but the right results. That’s why FiComm’s value of “We are NewSkool by Nature” resonates most with me.

Off The Record

Basking in the Midwestern sun on one of Chicago’s many beaches, overlooking Lake Michigan. It’s blissfully perfect…for those 3 months of Chi summertime.

A cashier with long red acrylics and an impeccable fashion sense. That was my version of describing a fashion designer before I found out how hard it was to sew.

Hands down, my grandma.  She pours love into everything she does. She’s an avid planner (somehow planning the unplanned), she’s creative (a Pinterest-lover and Shutterfly book creator) and ]she has high standards (her annual Christmas Eve parties have notes with tweaks for the next year). Above all, she taught me empathy and she’s always encouraging me to be bold. It’s easy to call her my favorite role model.

Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire.

A hot bowl of Pho is the way to my heart. Fresh and comforting; it’s absolutely delicious.