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Walking the talk to your growth goals

We hear a lot about agency relationships from our prospects and clients. The thing we hear most is that the relationship didn’t work because the agency “just didn’t get us.” A lot of agencies can talk the talk…but when it comes to the wealth management space, you want someone who can walk the walk.

The first thing you need to know about Ficomm is that we’re not an agency in the traditional sense. Ficomm is an integrated marketing consultancy focused 100% on the wealth management space. All we do is work with firms like yours as an embedded growth partner, finding the most logical route from where you are now to your most ambitious goals, and walking that path with you until we reach your destination.

What is an embedded growth partner?


An extension of your team

who gets to understand your growth and business goals as well as you do

Your always-on, go-to resource

for all growth marketing challenges – whether it’s marketing, PR or internal comms.

The strategic leader

to align your marketing output to your business objectives

An omni-skilled marketing team

so you don’t need to hire for every skill

The most flexible tool in your tool kit

that can scale up and down as needed, and reallocate time and energy as priorities shift

A dedicated, retainer-based resource

that can focus 100% on program impact rather than “upselling”

Matt Regan_quoteFicomm developed a cohesive public relations strategy that drove engagement among Wealthcare’s target audiences by building up the thought leadership of key spokespeople

Matt Reagan, President at Wealthcare Capital Management

We’ve all heard this old adage:

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”


That’s the problem when working with traditional agencies. PR firms only use PR tools. Traditional ad agencies only recommend advertising. Web development shops develop websites. Full stop. Content marketing shops only provide content marketing solutions.

At Ficomm, our strategic leaders come from within the wealth management business. They know your growth problems because they’ve solved them in firms like yours. They understand the complexities of the industry, and that to build an effective strategy, you need to start with the problem, not the tools.

Available Tools

Digital Marketing

Digital advertising
Social media strategy
Search engine marketing
Email marketing
Marketing automation


Full content marketing campaigns
Editorial programs
Podcast strategy
Video marketing


Traditional PR
Podcast pitching
Sponsored content
Thought leadership programs
Reputation management/crisis comms

Event marketing

Event planning
Sponsorship recommendations
Event booth design
On-site experience management
Speaking engagement pitching

Sales enablement

Collateral system mapping
Sales/marketing alignment consulting
Sales process mapping
Sales material creation
Pitch deck creation

Website creation

Audits and update recommendations
Content strategy
Search engine optimization
Mobile responsive web design
Web development



Mary Kate Gulick

Chief Marketing Officer


David Dellosa

VP Marketing


Sarah Johnson

VP Marketing


Katie McLellan

VP Marketing


Kelsey Woodbride

VP New Skool Media

Sarah Crane

Sarah Crane

VP Marketing


Jim Wardian

Martech & Digital Marketing Manager

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Let’s walk the walk to your goals.

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