Aligned Brand Story


Create clarity, consistency and action with the right messaging strategy.

Alignment is a word we use a lot at Ficomm. That’s because one of the primary challenges the firms we serve are seeking to overcome is a lack of alignment. And nowhere is this more evident than in the firm’s messaging.

So often, the sales team says things one way, the exec team says it another, marketing has its own language, and the product team is following another direction entirely. When there’s no internal alignment on what you offer, is it any wonder your target audience isn’t getting it?

Ficomm’s Aligned Brand Story is a structured way to build a brand message that everyone can get behind. The result is greater clarity, consistency, and conviction within the organization . . . and more compelling growth marketing for your target audience outside the firm.

The Aligned Brand Story includes:


Qualitative research

with your internal stakeholders and clients

Brand archetype

identification to determine which type of story will most resonate with your audience


Competitive messaging analysis

to identify whitespace in the market where the brand can own the greatest mindshare


Brand value proposition and positioning

as well as value props for each product offered

Differentiators and reasons to believe

to support your brand promise

Boilerplate brand content

to fit any execution, so your team can cut, paste, and stay clear and consistent.


Internal rollout

to get your team 100% in alignment


Brand launch

ideation and initial strategy


What's Next

Growth starts from within. The Aligned Brand Story gives you a messaging map that guides all of your communications, both internal and external. Inside the company, that means alignment. Outside the company, it means more resonant marketing that connects on an emotional level and drives action and growth.

Jon-Dauphine-quoteThe team over at FiComm is terrific, they have helped us with so many things, including strategy development, media relations- where they’re particularly strong, social media strategy, skills building for our trustees and our staff. You name it, they've been there to help us out.

Jon Dauphine, CEO at Foundation for Financial Planning

Your Aligned Brand Story Team


Mary Kate Gulick

Chief Marketing Officer


David Dellosa

VP Marketing


Sarah Johnson

VP Marketing


Kelsey Woodbride

VP Media Relations


Katie McLellan

VP Marketing

Sarah Crane

Sarah Crane

VP Marketing

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