The Top 3 Advisor Video Myths Debunked

By necessity, the pandemic accelerated the emergence of the digital advisor and the adoption of Zoom to host virtual team, prospect, and client meetings.

Almost overnight, advisors had to quickly learn how to set up a flattering shot, find good lighting, and adjust their meeting formats to be shorter and more engaging—not to mention learning how to read virtual body language.

Our calendars were packed with requests to talk and coach on these topics and, even for us, it was an experiment in real-time on how to overcome Zoom fatigue, find spots in our home offices that didn’t look like dungeons, and learn to read the social cues that were a little blurry when filtered through our laptop screens.

As we start to re-emerge from the post-COVID Zoom era, advisors with first-hand experience in the power of video are leveraging pre-shot video across their client experience to supercharge client touchpoints, create time efficiencies, add value in between meetings, and build trust with prospects more quickly.

And yet, there are a few misconceptions holding advisors back. Here’s our take on three common myths and some help to get you going, creating videos to connect with clients and grow your firm.

Myth #1 – My videos won’t fly with compliance.

Truth: Compliance is not the barrier you think.

All we can say is: show this to your compliance department. It’s a helpful list of some clear guidelines to get you up and running fast, stay compliant, and rock video effectively.

Myth #2 – It’s way too expensive and time-consuming to produce video.

Truth: You can shoot a high-impact video in less than five minutes for way less than you think. We’re huge fans of Soapbox by Wistia and Loom, which offer easy-to-use video recording, editing, and sharing capabilities.

Advisors who come out of our video workshops are leveraging their webcams (yes, webcams!) to create personalized videos in under 5 minutes with incredible client feedback. As part of our New Skool ethos, we believe that authenticity trumps production value any day… and every day.

Still feeling like you need the fancy gear? We created a video just for you—check it out HERE.

Myth #3 – Only certain people are meant for video.

Truth: Video is a skill anyone can master.

Here’s the thing—your prospects and clients are not expecting a highly polished CNBC anchor or movie star. They want to hear from YOU.

Your authenticity and human-ness are what connects your clients to you—that is your superpower. Everything else is a skill we can teach. Still in doubt and looking for a little inspiration and pep talk?  Listen in to our New Skool episode with Adam Lisagor, the owner and creator of Sandwich Video (yep, he’s famous) and he’ll leave you feeling encouraged and excited to step in front of the camera.

Just remember that no one can tell your story like you.

No one can serve your clients like you because no one has your unique life experiences and POV, so take advantage of the resources available to you and seek coaching. If you’re up for it, consider one of our upcoming workshops to get started and learn alongside peers.

We offer open-market 1-day DIY Video Workshops each quarter and we help make it painless and fun. Get on the waitlist to secure your seat as a future video rockstar!

Candice Carlton

Hi, I'm Candice, the Head of Advisor Growth Marketing at FiComm Partners. Prior to FiComm, I worked for and with some of the fastest growing and most innovative firms in the US including Mercer Advisors, United Capital acquired by Goldman Sachs and XY Planning Network. I love my job and find it extremely fulfilling to coach and consult with advisors across the country on how to rock video and podcasting to create a digital-first marketing strategy to connect and GROW. I'm passionate about yoga, poetry, fashion, and great coffee. At FiComm- we are “New Skool by Nature”, which means the only right answer is the one that feels right to you. There is so much freedom and power in that.

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