Say the Right Thing: A Podcast on Mastering PR & Marketing

For a job that inherently deals with constant change, from fluctuating markets to the unpredictable life events, the role of a financial advisor is one that is often steeped in tradition. Tradition is outdated.

As in nearly all other aspects of life, technology has changed the way that clients and potential leads interact with businesses. While many financial advisors have built their business on networking within established social circles, or through client referrals, that type of organic growth is swiftly falling by the wayside of taxi cabs and payphones: it’s becoming archaic.

Before you counter with, “But that rapport is why my clients have stuck around for 35 years!” I want to make clear that relationships are still very much central to being a successful advisor. But it is much more common for a prospect to have Googled you and taken a deep look at your website before ever requesting that first meeting. The prospect is in control of the initial relationship, and many advisors are having difficulty adjusting.

That’s where PR and marketing come in. In an industry that is saturated with people who aren’t fiduciaries claiming that they serve in their client’s best interests, and clients that may not know the difference, PR and marketing have become the plan, method, and tool to broadcast a clear message of value on a global level. The interesting thing about this concept is: even though you may be reaching a broader audience, there is an opportunity (especially in the digital space) to create more authenticity in your client relationships.

This is exactly the concern of Scott Hanson and Pat McClain of the Advisor2Advisor Podcast. In this episode, they pick the brain of FiComm CEO, Megan Carpenter, to find out what really matters in a PR and marketing plan.

The discussion ranges from industry challenges, to social media hiccups, to what the next generation of FAs are doing these days. We’ve included some quick show notes, for your reading pleasure.

  • 4:45 The objective of every RIA
  • 5:45 the role communication plays in the space
  • 6:20 trends and challenges that FAs face
  • 6:50 how the client relationship is changing
  • 8:45 who are your target clients?
  • 9:58 the basis of your unique value
  • 11:20 strategy vs. tactical action
  • 12:38 how frequently do you need to be “on”?
  • 14:30 how important is thought leadership?
  • 15:45 social media mistakes FAs make
  • 17:42 quick tips to increasing credibility
  • 18:20 a different way of thinking about content
  • 18:40 what your audience is looking for
  • 19:20 how technology is evolving the space
  • 22:16 what nextgen advisors are looking for
  • 24:00 building better client relationships

This episode clocks in at just under 30 minutes. Advisor2Advisor showcases the challenges and triumphs of building a successful RIA, along with practical tips for how to grow and improve your business.


Megan Carpenter

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