Sarah Johnson

VP, Marketing

Hi, I’m Sarah, VP of Marketing at FiComm Partners. I found my niche early in my career serving the financial services industry and have spent over 14 years laser-focused on making marketing magic happen. No matter if I’m elevating brand awareness initiatives or spearheading product-specific campaigns, I thrive on transforming complex concepts into meaningful messages. While I was born in upstate New York, I was raised in Florida and have never lived more than two miles from the beach. Whether spending a day on the boat, at the beach, or by the pool, my family and I love to take advantage of the “Sunshine State.” Fueled by innate optimism, I connect with the FiComm core value of “Our Glass is Always Half-Full" because I believe that choosing positivity and gratitude is undeniably a more fun way to live.

Off The Record

… is to listen to your intuition and follow your gut.

I wanted to be a home architect and developer. My best friend and I would design and draw out entire houses and neighborhoods on large pieces of poster paper.

My best friend Marianne. We’ve been friends since we were three and she has seen the best and worst of me dnd I wholeheartedly value her opinion and advice.

Ready For It? - Taylor Swift