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Take your digital content from idea to reality…the right way!

As more and more advisors and thought leaders are turning to podcasts and YouTube to build their personal brands, there’s an unfortunate side effect. There’s a lot of content…and not a lot of quality.

While both of these arenas are something of an open field, it truly is a meritocracy. Great content yields a solid audience, monetization potential, and lead generating possibilities. Sub-par content just yields a lot of work with no results.

The Launch Your Podcast/Launch Your YouTube Show program includes:

If you have an idea for a podcast or YouTube show, our Launch program lets you take it to market the right way. It’s an end-to-end solution to launch your digital concept with all the content strategy, outstanding production, expert coaching you need.


Documented vision for success

to inform strategy and approach for podcast

Defined target audience profile

their preferences, what matters to them, and how to align your show to speak directly to them and drive to any change or actions desired.


Show concept and format

based on your goals, audience, strengths and constraints.


Graphic concept

developed including your show look and feel for thumbnail, video banner and social graphics

Show trailer

created with music choice, professionally written show description and video bumpers

Expert coaching

for set up, gear selection, recording instructions

On-camera and at the mic coaching

so you feel and look your best

Edit of first episode

and creation of blueprints for your show notes and editor

Show maximization strategy

so you can create a ton of content that drive toward your growth goals

All creative assets

ready for podcast launch

Strategy for first 6 episodes

+ guest recommendations and coordination

Help selecting production partner

with seamless handoff

Ficomm’s Consulting & Innovation Team


Candice Carlton

EVP of Consulting and Innovation


Jordon Bravo

VP of Consulting and Innovation


Carolyn Dalle-Molle

VP of Consulting and Innovation

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