The Growth Marketing Blueprint


Solve your most pressing growth problem

in 90 days.

For RIAs, wealth management platforms and established wealthtechs looking for a conentrated, concrete action plan eliminate a specific growth blocker, the Growth Marketing Blueprint is for you.

Designed to solve your most pressing growth problems, this in-depth strategy goes beyond marketing recommendations on what to do and why, and lays out an end-to-end blueprint for how to execute each recommendation. Ficomm’s Consulting & Innovation team will work with you in an agile, 90-day sprint to develop your guesswork-free work plan to reach your immediate and mid-term growth goals – both organic and inorganic.

The Growth Marketing Blueprint includes:


Action-focused stakeholder research


Specific milestone objectives


Ideal client persona


Brand messaging framework


Clear tactical recommendations


Step-by-step execution instructions

Growth Marketing Blueprint Quote HeadshotThe blueprint did exactly what I needed. It was perfect.

Abby Tuke, Director of Marketing & Shareholder, Truepoint

The Process

1. Research & Visioning

We get to work immediately, working with you to map your vision for success with both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

2. Problem Validation

Together, we dive into your current strategy and working model to establish a baseline and validate what isn’t working and what may be contributing to the problem.

3. Marketing Audit

Ficomm will dive deep into your current marketing and business development activities to identify opportunities for optimization and transformation.

4. Intensive Collaboration:

Each week, you’ll meet your team to respond to new findings, vet new ideas, and provide insights. We document our thinking throughout the process so you’ll have the opportunity to provide input and see your Blueprint come to life.

5. Strategic Development

We develop your ideal client persona, brand messaging framework, milestone objectives, and tactical recommendations based on your business goals.

6. Blueprint for Execution

Once you’re aligned with the our recommendations, Ficomm creates a detailed instructional map for how to execute.

What's Next

Once we’ve presented the full blueprint for execution with all tactical recommendations, rationale, and detail, you have the option to work with Ficomm for ongoing strategic execution of this plan, take the plan and implement it internally, or provide it to another execution partner for implementation. 

Ficomm Consulting & Innovation Team


Candice Carlton

Executive Vice President


Jordan Bravo

VP Ficomm Labs

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