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Advisor-level organic growth at scale

Ficomm’s Advisor Accelerator is an immersive, fast-paced marketing experience that supports advisors on their journey to long-term, digital-led growth goals. Developed for enterprises who are supporting advisors, the Advisor Accelerator empowers wealth management platforms, asset managers, and even large wealthtechs to offer high-value, scalable marketing services to the firms they serve…while driving real growth that benefits everyone.

Why digital-led growth marketing?

In a study we conducted in Q1 2023 of the buying behavior of more than 1,000 consumers, we found that 75% of financial advisor clients under the age of 60 selected their advisor without a referral. How did they find and select their advisor? Digital marketing. Each of these survey respondents had experienced at least 3 marketing touches…and 80% of those were digital.

75% of clients picked an advisor without a referral

3+ marketing touches were required

80% of successful touches were digital

As the referral gravy train continues toward an inevitable cliff, smart enterprises know that future growth will be digital-led and understand that getting their advisors set up for future success starts today. The Advisor Accelerator is ideal for an advisor network of any model who wants to drive growth at the advisor level that goes beyond unsustainable referrals and networking.

Advisor Accelerator can include:


Advisor marketing audit and 1:1 consultation


Creation of custom-branded core growth marketing assets


Quarterly marketing action plans


Personalized digital content creation


Ongoing marketing consulting


Monthly group marketing coaching

John Ritter, Ritter Danaher

I would straddle the line between 75% excited coming off the calls and 25% annoyed, like, ‘Why didn't I think of this before?’ It's been great to have someone objectively look at [our marketing] and call it out.

John Ritter, Ritter Danaher

Anne McCabe, Curo Private Wealth

I admit I thought y’all were crazy when you were asking us how our target prospective client takes her coffee, but I get it…putting yourself so deeply inside of your prospective client's mind that you even know what kind of coffee they like. Thank you for this awesome program

Anne McCabe, Curo Private Wealth

Mitch Allen, Securities Financial Management

The Accelerator's been awesome. Seeing everyone from the beginning start their worksheets with a little confusion to really honing it in, crafting their specific message and strategy. Kudos to you all at Ficomm.

Mitch Allen, Securities Financial Management

Quint Tatro, Joule Financial

This is a fantastic experience. I realized that our website doesn't speak to our target profiles and we hadn't used our podcast to move listeners deeper into the funnel. Now we are clear on both.

Quint Tatro, Joule Financial

The Process

1. Audit & initial consultation

We start by meeting each firm where they are. Through the audit and consultation process, we get to know their current growth strategy, the materials and resources available to them, their goals, limitations, and historical and mindset issues that may be suppressing growth.

2. Rock Your Growth workshop

This immersive first experience includes the creation of each advisor’s growth marketing strategy, including growth goals, documented target client, unique advisor differentiation, and value proposition, plus a concrete action plan to achieve those goals.

3. Ongoing quarterly action plans

Each quarter, we’ll work 1:1 with firms to see the progress they’ve made and develop the smartest next steps they can take based on what’s working for them. The goal is to lean into what’s going well, optimize what needs to be improved, and move away from anything that may not be a good fit.

4. Monthly masterclass & group coaching

Each month, the full cohort of advisors comes together to learn about a specific growth marketing topic and work through particular issues with their coaches and the group. It’s a powerful learning experience for every advisor who participates.

5. Ongoing growth marketing asset creation

For enterprises that opt to provide this service, Ficomm builds out the marketing materials outlined in each firm’s growth marketing plan, eliminating the need for separate implementation support.

6. DIY Video workshop

Now more than ever, video is at the core of building a generative digital presence, and is almost always a critical component of an advisor’s go-forward marketing strategy. The DIY Video Workshop empowers advisor to confidently create their own effective videos with simple tools in as little time as possible.

7. Monthly consulting

Each month, our experts from the Consulting & Innovation team will sit down with each firm to provide troubleshooting, coaching, and answers about their growth marketing programs.

8. Custom content creation

For enterprises who opt into this service, Ficomm will provide ongoing creation of blogs, emails and social media posts for firms in the Advisor Accelerator program.


Asset Creation



One-Time Fee


  • 1:1 call with Ficomm and a professional writer to create their custom Messaging Document
  • Custom downloadable asset created for prospect journey
  • Strategic website and social media audits and recommendations



Per Month


  • Initial audit & consultation
  • Rock Your Growth workshop
  • Complete growth marketing strategy
  • DIY Video workshop
  • Monthly masterclass & group coaching
  • Ongoing quarterly action plans
  • 12-month engagement Minimum cohort size: 12 firms

Custom Content



Per Month


  • Personalized content recommendations based on firm target clients from the FMG content library
  • Professionally customized, written, and designed blogs, emails, and social content
  • Monthly 1:1 consult to review recommendations and marketing content performance



Candice Carlton

Executive Vice President


Carolyn Dalle-Molle

VP Advisor Accelerator

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