Meg Carpenter


Hi, I’m Meg, CEO at FiComm Partners. For 20 years I have enjoyed working alongside advisory firms and wealth management businesses, helping their leadership teams identify meaningful growth opportunities through the lens of marketing, PR, and advisor marketing. On my professional journey from marketing intern to influential entrepreneur, I have loved being a part of our industry’s remarkable evolution while leveraging my futuristic strength to imagine what could be. As a mom of 3, I am continually inspired by my children and their relentless individuality. My husband and I spend our family time dancing, laughing, and enjoying life’s simple moments with the kids. I believe that a family first approach should be celebrated, not shamed, and I am committed to living this belief for my family, the amazing women I work with, and women across the industry. That is why FiComm’s core value about being “New Skool by Nature” – which means always showing up with authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion – is so fundamental to who I am.