Case Study

Wealthcare Content


The Problem

Wealthcare wasn’t seeing the desired return on its content marketing efforts, and was finding that the work associated with creating the content was too much to keep up with.


Proposed Solution

Ficomm performed a content audit and worked closely with the CEO and Head of Marketing at Wealthcare to identify and refine key messages and their desired return. Ficomm recommended an elevated content program with clearly defined messaging, audience, and distribution methods to drive leads and increase visibility over time.



Ficomm worked with Wealthcare to optimize its content processes, and helped them humanize content so audiences could better connect. The high-quality design enabled the new content program to stand out against others in the industry. Additionally, Ficomm ensured Wealthcare’s unique value proposition and thought leadership was expressed across all content and campaigns.



The optimized Wealthcare content process and product delivered a multiplier effect that increased the Return on Content by 5x-10x. By following Ficomm’s recommendations, Wealthcare leveraged their content across multiple channels, maximizing reach and efficiencies in their marketing. As a result, the firm saw increased social media engagement, downloads, and inbound queries.


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