Case Study

UPTIQ Lending Campaign


The Problem

Fintech startup UPTIQ wanted to elevate its reputation within the wealth management community and demonstrate how it can help advisors better serve their clients with AI-driven lending recommendations.


Proposed Solution

Ficomm recommended a HNW lending campaign to advisors. UPTIQ’s primary product at the time helped advisors and their clients leverage debt solutions to finance major purchases, thereby mitigating the need to liquidiate investments. A HNW lending campaign would spread UPTIQ’s messaging including the critical benefits of debt to HNW individuals and families.



Ficomm collaborated with UPTIQ’s leadership team to create key messages which were used to create a downloadable white paper along with a landing page, social media campaign, and paid social to disseminate the information. Then, when advisors provided their email addresses to download the white paper, they received an email nurture campaign with additional information about how UPTIQ can help them, moving the prospects through the marketing funnel.



The cost per lead for this campaign was just $38.66, when target cost per leads hovered near $80. In addition to its objective efficiency, UPTIQ’s HNW lending campaign helped elevate the group’s brand awareness, helping them to land a speaking spot at the prestigious FutureProof Festival. As the industry was familiar with UPTIQ’s name and value proposition following the HNW lending campaign and related earned media apperances, the firm had a steady stream of visitors to its booth, securing more leads in one day than in their previous eight months of operation as UPTIQ.


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