Case Study

 Thrivent Advisor Network (TAN)


The Problem

Thrivent Advisor Network (TAN) decided to move from a product-based to advice-first organization and needed a human-focused change-management approach internally in order to take the new value proposition external.


Proposed Solution

Ficomm recommended a strategic approach ensuring advisors understood what the change would mean to their professional lives as well as the rationale behind the decision. The recommendation included internal communications tactics to educate the advisors as well as materials to help advisors communicate with their clients and answer questions.



Ficomm created company-wide communications strategy and roadmap including executive leadership messaging and communication channels to support change and transformation. The team crafted human-first messaging frameworks for internal communications including more modern communication media than TAN had been using to date. Ficomm also recommended an Advisory Council check-in and review process and made recommendations for where advisor communications team should sit within organizational structure, optimized oversight and ideal persona and experience of people of this team to ensure alignment with advisors and success in strategy. The Ficomm team provided strategic and tactical support throughout the campaign.



TAN is a heart-first organization that embraces transparency, service, and compassion. While change always has challenges, the shared values of TAN advisors made it easier for the advisors to transition from focusing on products to offering valuable, personalized financial advice that helps their clients achieve their personal and financial goals. The Ficomm strategy allowed TAN to help advisors see the change as a better alignment to their values, rather as a disruptive force in their professional lives.


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