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Capital Group


The Problem

Capital Group launched a new brand for its private wealth services division but advisors were not adopting the new language or messaging. Ficomm interviewed the advisors and discovered that while they loved the new brand, it wasn’t helping them win any new clients. Digging in further, Ficomm discovered that all the advisors had the same bio and no digital assets aside from headshots.


Proposed Solution

Ficomm proposed creating a custom workshop to allow the advisors to identify and share their unique stories effectively in the context of the new Capital Group brand. To follow up, Ficomm recommended creating a series of videos and other digital assets to communicate the advisors’ stories to prospects.



Ficomm hosted the workshop, helping the advisors identify their “why” and ideal client. The advisors then crafted their personal manifestos, which were then used as a creative brief to create digital assets and elevate the prospect experience.

Following the workshop, Fixomm filmed and produced intro videos for the advisors and created professionally written, highly personalized biographies to use on the Capital Group website and LinkedIn profiles. The advisors also crated one-pagers to complement their videos during the prospecting phase, to help new potential clients identify which advisor would be the best fit for them.



By supporting the advisors to identify their authentic voices and creating digital assets to share them with prospects, Capital Group empowered advisors to share the brand in a way that felt natural to them, and that led to new business. This departure from the firm’s previous advisor marketing efforts has also enabled the advisors to leverage their personal brands as Capital Group brand ambassadors, and is an example of how growth at the advisor level can be achieved scalably.


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