Mary Kate Gulick

Chief Marketing Officer, EVP & Head of Marketing & PR Services

Hi, I’m Mary Kate Gulick, EVP of Marketing at FiComm Partners. I've been a professional marketer for 20+ years at award-winning agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and a hyper-growth-focused RIA and advisor platform. In that time, I've learned that creating growth takes a whole lot more than most ad agencies can deliver. That's why I LOVE being with FiComm where I drive growth for clients with every tool in the toolbox. The FiComm core value that resonates most with me is that "We are New Skool by nature." At its heart, this value is all about abandoning an old ideology of the sterile, distant financial brand persona in favor of showing the real humanity behind our companies. After all, people work with people, they know, like and trust. And if you want them to work with you, show them who you are and what you stand for. At home, I'm the mom of two hilarious boys and two fluffy mini goldendoodles. When I'm not knee-deep in a marketing strategy, I'm cooking for the people I love, training for a distance run, reading about the workings of the human brain, rewatching the Harry Potter movies, or practicing Taylor Swift karaoke

Off The Record

The perfect nachos.
Most influential woman in my life & why? My sister Jeannie. She's the kindest person I know and has taught me how to look at things from every perspective, show compassion before judging, and how to treat myself the way I treat the people I love.
What was my dream job as a kid? Advertising copywriter (no, really. I didn't know that was what it called, but I wanted to be the person who wrote commercials.)
Juice by Lizzo
One thing that no one knows about me (until now)? Pre-pandemic, I was an introvert with a capital I. Once we came out of lockdown, I realized how much I need people and connection in my life and I've become a (sometimes over the top) extrovert.