Michelle Hahn

Operations Associate

Hello, I’m Michelle, an Operations Associate at FiComm Partners.  Before joining FiComm, I worked with various companies, from Manufacturing Plants to Utilities.  I have over 25+ years of administrative and accounting experience.  I have been called at times "the Money Lady” because I enjoy working with numbers and processing payroll.  I would say throughout my professional career, my goal has always been a great team player.  I take pride when I can help someone with a task where it helps relieve them so they can focus on something else, even the little things can make the heart happy!  In my spare time if I am not spending time with my grandchildren, then you will find me at home either in my backyard enjoying the breeze of the trees or soaking up the sun in the pool or taking walks with my husband and our three dogs. I am grateful every day that I work with such amazing people who continue to lead in a manner where positivity, kindness, and supportiveness are always first!  So, the core value “Our Glass is Always Half Fullresonates with me as I was taught this at a young age, and I continue to try each day to show others the kindness and respect in which I feel everyone deserves.