Kseniya Melnikova

AVP, Public Relations

Hello! I'm Kseniya, Assistant Vice President of PR for FiComm. With nearly a decade of background across asset management, fintech, and tech, I have a great deal of experience with media relations that helps maximize clients' short & long-term strategic goals. I'm passionate about public relations and staying ahead of the trends. I received my Master's of Science, PR and Corporate Communications from New York University, focusing on investor relations and financial client servicing. In my downtime, I enjoy crocheting, camping, following dog sports, taking part in the local trivia-night team, and exploring the culinary world (by burning things in my kitchen). At my core, I believe that when an obstacle seems insurmountable, taking even the most minor steps towards success will gradually get you the results you strive for. As Dory said: "Just keep swimming." At FiComm, we solve our clients' problems by figuring out all the steps that are needed in the journey ahead.