Jamie Lim

Content Marketing Consultant

Jamie is the content marketing consultant for FiComm Partners in San Diego, CA. With extensive experience in digital marketing, she partners with FiComm clients to grow the online presence of their firms, through content gap analysis, SEO, SEM, and campaign infrastructure.

After working with multimillion dollar brands, startups, and nonprofits, Jamie knows what truly drives engagement and conversions—and it’s not about delivering the cookie-cutter marketing trend of the week. Successful content marketing is based on how well you connect with the people on the other side of the computer screen. And moving the needle is about creating genuine communications, user experiences, and brand storylines in a cohesive, organic and targeted way.

As a certified Inbound specialist and award-winning GDD consultant, Jamie has had the pleasure of transforming the digital environment for a wide range of organizations, and is excited to focus her skills for the independent financial advisory community.

jamie.lim@ficommpartners.com                     (310) 593-4227